Classes is the concept of characters in Minecraft. There are currently 4 to choose from, one for each set of armor. Classes allows for more dynamic fighting and raiding on Gank, and greatly rewards those who understand what it means to work as a team.    

To become any class, a player must equip a full set of armor of a single material. After 5 seconds of wearing, the class becomes active. As soon as the player is no longer wearing his armor, the class is disabled immediately. These are the classes currently implemented:

  • Bard (Support class with golden armor)

has infinite weakness 1 and Speed 2.

When a bard consumes potions, their effects is given to his faction members rather than himself. For this to work, they must be within 30 blocks from the bard, otherwise the bard will simply consume the potion as usual. The duration of the potion effects given by a bard depends on how many players is within range.

  • Worker (Worker/miner class with iron armor)

has infinite night vision and fire resistance.    

Workers has the ability to get Haste II by consuming a sugar item-stack. This works by sneaking and right-clicking the stack. The duration of the Haste II effect depends on the amount of sugar consumed. One piece of sugar equals two seconds, making the largest consumable stack (64 sugar) give one hundred and twenty seconds of Haste II. The worker can only consume one stack at a time, meaning that when a stack is consumed, he won't be able to consume anymore sugar before the Haste effect has run out. When the Haste runs out, there will be an additional 2 minute cooldown.    

Workers also has a Quickplace ability that makes them able to instantly place blocks in a preset arrangement, as long they have the required materials, and the figure doesn't exceed 3 blocks. The worker will simply select 3 blocks by punching them while sneaking and holding a leash. Then, by sneaking and rightclicking whilst holding the leash, he will be able to repeat placing his selection over and over again, very much like copying and pasting.    

Chameleon (spy class with chain armor)

The Chameleon has the ability to camouflage (or more accurately, spoof armor). The player will need a book to do this. By left-clicking it, a container opens and displays a set of chain armor, with a blue dye beneath each individual piece. The player can click on any of the pieces of armor to loop through the various types of armor (diamond, gold, iron, chain, leather). He can also click on the blue dyes, to toggle enchanted glow for the armor. Finally, the player can click on a green dye to start activate his camouflage, or close the inventory to cancel.

NOTE: Spoofed armor is only visible to other players and does not influence damage, since it is not real armor.

  • Assassin (Hit and run class with leather armor)

Has infinite speed 2. Has 5 extra hearts.  

If someone gets shot by an archer, they will recieve 20% more damage for 6 seconds, unless they block their sword when hit.

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